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Case study: how NGN Agency created the website design for the 100th anniversary of Citroën
Citroën celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Citroën's main office has prepared several large activities. For example, The citroën Origins digital Museum was opened, where you can view all the…

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A business card website is a necessity
Why is a business card site a necessity? Read on in the article, but let's start with what it is, a business card site is Your interactive business card on…

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What program to use for CSS3 / HTML5 lessons
While learning CSS 3 / HTML 5 lessons, you will need to use some program, namely an editor. Theoretically, you can write, create HTML or CSS files in Notepad. In…

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About store design and how to increase traffic and profit

What should be the design of the store, online store? This article will focus on the basic principles of store design. These store design principles are not new and have long been known, but sometimes web designers forget about some of them, and the owners or customers simply do not know. But you should not forget or ignore them, because loyalty to these simple principles will significantly increase sales, and therefore the owner’s profit.

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10 examples of truly high-quality UX that helps you learn about users

Make development your priority.

You need to expand your customer base, raise revenue per user, and reduce customer losses.

At first, this is possible with careful study. You can get the most out of the early stages by solving current problems and fixing bugs.

But this approach will only lead to optimization within the “local maximum”. This term describes a goal for small opportunities where profits will be minuscule. Continue reading

Deficits in user experience: the psychological bias that has become the norm

You know how it works.

Casually reviewing this mug’s review on Unbox Therapy, which apparently isn’t leaking yet, I laugh. But by the end of the video, I also get curious about what people will say about her.

Here it is on Amazon. Its discounted price fell to $ 14.99 from $ 24.99. But only for a limited time. There are only 3 pieces of stainless steel left. I like stainless steel. This is a great price, but it will soon disappear from sale, and I will have to drink coffee from my leaking mug. It will be very disappointing to miss this chance. Damn it. Continue reading

4 examples of bad onboarding that will destroy UX

The most effective tool for improving the user interface is onboarding. Start introducing the user to the site or app incorrectly and they will regret that they registered at all.

The problem occurs where there is “something wrong” between the program concept and user registration. And then users, instead of getting interested and excited about the site, just leave it and never come back. That’s why we have examined 4 bad examples of the user interface for onboarding and will show you how to fix it. Continue reading

Nordic UX: how minimalism looks Scandinavian

Scandinavia has never been known for luxurious forms. The same sentence is true when it comes to UX – the basis of everything is minimalism. Minimalism is a “calming” solution for a lot of cluttered designs that repel many users.

But what is a true minimalist Scandinavian design and how can you give your brand a simple Scandinavian style?

Simple color schemes Continue reading

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