UI designer's cheat sheets: creating buttons
Buttons are my favorite design element. In this article, we will look at different types of buttons, types of interactions, and States. To save time, let's focus on the" normal…

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Описание Appliance repair service на нашем сайте.
20 web design examples that set the tone for 2020
It seems that the year 2020 has just arrived – and a whole month has already passed, which for many has become very productive. January is always the most interesting…

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Web design trends 2020: the nineties are back!
Oh, the ' 90s ... this era has given us so much. Grunge was on the rise, the East coast was at war with the West in hip-hop. Everyone wore…

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8 anti-trends of web design 2019

There are many web design trends that have recently been popular. But just like trends in fashion design, they tend to become outdated and become anti-trends. In this article, we have collected some of the worst, outdated and useless trends that you should forget about forever and not use them in your work.

No call to action
The main goal of creating a website is to encourage your users to do something: read more, share content with their friends, or make purchases. It is extremely important to give visitors the opportunity to register, subscribe, buy, follow, or download. A site that does not have a call to action will not be able to serve its purpose. Visitors can read content and navigate through pages, but will leave the site without interacting with it. The call button or link should be clearly visible on every page so that your customers understand what they can do. The point is not to push your visitors to buy, but to make sure that they don’t get lost on the site, or that it doesn’t push them away for any reason.

Horizontal scrolling
Horizontal scrolling is usually very annoying for users. This is because they are used to the vertical, which is used almost always. Horizontal scrolling is used when content doesn’t fit properly on the screen. However, if your site content is configured correctly and compatible with all devices, then no matter what screen size you are using, you will not need to scroll horizontally. It is very important that the site is compatible with all devices, is functional and understandable. And using horizontal scrolling, you only confuse your visitors.

Hidden or annoying links
Links are very useful on any site, they help your visitors to shuffle through the necessary pages. Internal links are also very useful for SEO. However, it is important that the links are visible and correctly placed. If the links don’t work properly, are misleading, or if there is a chance of unintentional click-throughs, this will not reflect on the user experience in the best way. This can be avoided by following the following rules:

Internal links to other pages on the site should not open new Windows or panels if they do not lead to the target page;
External links to other sites should always open in new Windows or tabs;
Links should be highlighted in a different color from the main text, both when clicked and in the passive state;
Links should be placed according to their importance, the most important at the top, the least important at the bottom.
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Excessive use of PDF files
PDF content can be very useful, especially when it comes to uploading documents. But this will have negative consequences if you overuse PDF files. This complicates the process of getting information because it forces visitors to download content to read it. And most likely, visitors will look for another, more convenient resource.

Incorrect placement of the search field
Placing the search field in an inconspicuous place is a bad decision. The main reason for this is that almost all people visiting your site will need to use the search field. After all, visitors often open a site and then use the search box to get the content they need. Therefore, placing the search field in a prominent place is necessary. Sites without a search field, or where it is incorrectly located, do not have the ability to serve their customers fully.

Audio / video content overload
Today, most websites use audio and video files to transmit information. This is especially effective because visitors do not need to read the content of the website. Multimedia content is also widely used in social networks. However, it is important to follow some basic rules for placing audio and video:

Audio and video files should not be played automatically;
All multimedia content should be short and specific;
There should be controls that allow visitors to decide how to play audio and video files;
Any page must contain no more than three video or audio files.
Excessive creativity and design inconsistency can negatively affect the perception of the site by its visitors. Flashy fonts and excessive brightness can be distracting, and the more loaded elements (icons, images, gifs, etc.), the whiter the slow and less functional the site will be. The effectiveness and uniqueness of a site does not lie in the number of elements. You need to focus on the functionality, consistency, and usefulness of the content.

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Lack of negative space
You must always ensure that there is sufficient space around the elements that visitors will click on. If links or buttons are located very close, this may cause some inconvenience. Also, the lack of space can cause a feeling of congestion and make visitors feel some discomfort. This is especially true if the site has advertising.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. I hope this information was useful to you and will help you create a website that meets all modern requirements.

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