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” There is a little rotten finger everywhere”: Yevgeny Kudryavchenko on what the selling site should be like

As soon as marketers began to directly influence what happens to the brand’s website that they promote, the real chaos began. In their attempts to attract more users, increase conversion, and increase sales, they forget about the most important thing – the site must be user-friendly. Yevgeny Kudryavchenko, Director of Vintage Web Production, told about the most important errors that are most often found on websites at the iForum IT conference.


Eugene began his speech with a funny story about a festering finger:

“About 20 years ago in Luhansk, a guy had a finger on his leg that was festering. He was like him, anointed with peroxide-green, and the finger does not pass. He comes to the doctor. The doctor says, ” Look, we need a small operation here, very simple. 5 minutes and that’s it.” And I must say that the guy was very afraid of operations. He refused the operation and left. Anointed the finger with peroxide for another week, it did not help – the finger began to directly slurp already.

He comes back to the doctor, ready for the procedure. The doctor says that the operation will take place under local anesthesia. The guy, as we remember, is afraid of operations, so he begins to beg the doctor to give him General anesthesia. […] Eventually, the doctor agrees to General anesthesia, the operation begins, and … the guy’s heart stops. They start resuscitating him – nothing happens. The surgeon makes a strong-willed decision – to open the chest and do a direct heart massage. […] Brought the guy back to life, but during all the commotion, he was accidentally dropped and his leg was broken.

And in the morning the guy wakes up and notices that the chest some bandages, stitches. Thinks “ ” Well, maybe some kind of compress was applied”” And then he notices that the leg is suspended from ropes and in a cast. And then he realizes that the finger is festering on the left leg, and in the cast – the right. He pulls the blanket off his left leg, looks, and there is still a festering finger. The doctors, fighting for the guy’s life, just forgot about this finger.”

In the same way, modern marketers do everything to increase the site’s conversion rate, constantly screwing up new tools. And in the end, instead of a festering finger, a real abscess is formed.

Of course, something must constantly improve in the work of the site. This is a continuous process. You can’t “configure – and it works”. Everything changes. Therefore, the main task is to constantly improve at least something in one of the blocks. We end up with a working conversion chain.

But the problem is that in the pursuit of conversion, you can scare off the buyer.

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Now go to your site and find this festering finger. Because you have it there
There are many sites that invest a huge amount of money. The guys work with conversion, quality of service, and CRM is set up. And at the same time, the site has a small festering finger, And on the scale of all the problems and tasks that they solve, they simply do not notice it. Or they don’t have enough time to do it.

Hit parade of festering fingers

Sites that are managed by marketers are now scarier and less conversion-oriented than sites that are not managed by marketers.

So, screenshot. I was asked about the location for some reason, although the service is only in Kiev. I already want to sell bonuses and buns, although I do not yet know what this product is. And I already obsessively wrote a bot with an offer to help. You can’t just set up a live chat to boost your conversion rate. You need to think.

Design when the user needs an assistant-for 3 seconds, for 5 seconds, when he went to the catalog, and so on. You can track a million events that make it clear that right now your assistant will not annoy, but help.

Insert YouTube videos carefully
Keep track of what videos the service recommends to the user after viewing your video. What ads pop up on your video if the affiliate program is connected. A striking example is the promo video of a dance school, where an advertising banner of another dance school POPs up. This is found everywhere. Make sure that your video does not advertise your competitors.

Plus now there is a new feature. Your tags can be used to describe some negative photos on Instagram or ugly videos that then appear in the user’s profile. You need to work with this, you can not just take and insert such a video on the site.

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Make forms human
Forms are still the leaders in conversion loss. We had a client who needed to collect a lot of data – 20 fields. The customer had a conversion rate of only 0.3%. All we did was start writing under each field why we need this data. In General, we spent only 2 hours on this, and the conversion rate of the form increased by 20%.


The site should be friendly
If the site is loading, make some animation that shows that it is working and not hovering.

In General, the friendliness of the site is the task of the copywriter. Add a couple of lines where they are needed to make it easier for a person to understand what is happening and what to do next.

The friendliness of a site is when a 7-year-old child understands it. There should not be a point where a person does not understand something.

Explain complex things simply
It is much easier to show how the mechanism works on an animation than to describe it in words. Now that 3D, motion, and illustration are getting cheaper, it’s not a problem to order visualization. With a simple GIF, you can explain in a couple of seconds what you can explain for months.

As soon as a person sees a picture – they begin to trust you. As soon as you write that you have ” advanced technology that is better than the rest”, he still does not believe you.


What should a modern website look like
The animation is in the service of UX. It should help the user to work with the site. It is necessary for the user to understand that everything is good at each point.

In the future, we are waiting for web VR, web AR. These technologies have already come to the web. Yes, not yet. Yes, they are still imperfect. But VR and Machine Learning are already working. They are primitive, crooked, and incomplete. But they work, and you can already try to run them.

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