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The basic principles of website usability

What is the usability of the site?
Today we will talk about one very important characteristic of the site — site usability. What is “usability” (from the English. Usability – this concept is used in various fields of activity and defines the usefulness and usability of something.

In our case, we will consider the usability of the site. Many articles and books have been written about the usability of the site, and a lot of research has been done. All Internet users are very different, and it would seem impossible to please everyone, but research has shown that there are basic principles of site usability that must be taken into account when developing a site. What role does site usability play in the process of creating a website? How important is it to take into account the principles of site usability when developing? I will try to answer these and other questions in the article “Basic principles of site usability”.

7 main principles of site usability
Sites are very different, both in terms of design and functionality, so you need to conduct site usability individually, but there are basic rules that you need to follow.

Site usability principle # 1 / Navigation

Is easy to use and intuitive website navigation is the main principle of the site’s usability. The main sections usually are brought to a horizontal menu, for more — vertical, which is already directly on the target pages. Also, to improve the usability of the site, it makes sense to duplicate the main menu at the bottom of the site — footer. If the site is complex in structure, display a site map for users — a page that displays the entire site structure as a tree list.

The principle usability of the site No. 2 | Prevention of errors.

Make sure that all buttons work on the site and all links lead to existing pages — this is very important for the usability of the site. The user is unlikely to stay long on a non-working site.

Site usability principle # 3 | Top of the site

The header is, in fact, the most important part of the site. Research on site usability shows that this is where people most often stop their gaze and often don’t even scroll down. From the point of view of site usability, the header is very important. That’s why, don’t forget to post basic information there. Submit your main contact details, phone numbers, and so on., All the things that you want to draw the customer’s attention to in the first place.

The principle usability of the site No. 4 | Free space

Between blocks on the site contributes to a better perception of information. Also, you need to remember about the line spacing in the text. Information on Your site should be as accessible and easy to understand as possible — this will significantly improve the usability of the site.

The principle usability of the site No. 5 | text Formatting.

I have already mentioned line breaks, but do not forget about everything else-indents between paragraphs, text selection (bold, italics), selection of titles, lists. Dilute the text with pictures — it is much easier to perceive it, especially if the text is large.

Site usability principle # 6 | Using people’s photos.

Research on site usability has shown that people pay special attention to photos of people on the site. When this topic was explored more deeply, it turned out that it is not enough that users focus on the photo — they look in the same direction as the person with the photo. This little trick can be used to direct a person in The right direction and increase the usability of the site.

The principle usability of the site No. 7 | site Search

Do not forget to put a search block on the site, this is an element to improve the usability of the site. No one wants to waste their time, most users come to the site with a clear goal to find information and quickly. The site search block will simplify their task — as a result, everyone is happy — you will delay a potential client on the site, the user will receive the necessary information in a short time and will definitely come to You again-take this into account to improve the usability of the site.

I already have a site, how can I improve the usability of the site ?
If you already have a site, but after reading it you realize that it does not fully comply with the principles of usability of the site, do not worry. It is never too late to take measures to improve the usability of a site. First, you can order usability testing-experts will test Your site for site usability and determine the main points that need to be improved on Your site to make it more convenient. In some cases, simple methods do not improve the usability of the site, and more radical actions, such as redesign, may be required .

Why is the level of website usability so important?

Just how important the usability of the site, it is difficult to overestimate. This is even a kind of marketing and psychological tool that allows you not only to create a cozy atmosphere for users on your site, but also to direct them in the right direction, to push them to certain actions. Use this tool to develop your site and your business. After all, we all want to live in beautiful, comfortable conditions, and drive comfortable cars. So why not create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort on your site? Due to the high level of usability of the site, users are satisfied with the site and must see it again, since a site with a high level of usability is like a car with a high level of comfort, which you want to go again and again!

Important! Remember, site usability is considered from the very beginning, in addition to good design, making a high level of site usability is one of the main tasks of a web designer. Therefore, when working with a web designer, you need to discuss the usability of the site at the stage of creating the site layout. Beautiful site design and high usability of the site, this is the Foundation on which you can build a successful profitable site!

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