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Errors in online stores

I want to note that the errors of online stores directly affect their income. And serious errors in online stores lead to their closure. This article is intended for ordinary people who want to start their own business, namely to open an online store. Errors of online stores described in this article are often made at the stages of planning and creating a store, as well as at the initial stage of its development.

Not at ease | errors of online stores
You can divide the errors of online stores into irreparable errors of online stores and those errors of online stores that are easy to fix. Irreparable errors of online stores begin with the wrong type of product. For example, you are going to sell computer components or household appliances / Stop! Are you really going to sell them? Don’t make people laugh, Your online store will need to be scraped off the soles of the “giants” of this industry, and you will need to count the losses. If the theme is selected incorrectly, then neither promotion nor the best prices will help. It’s like competing in Formula 1 with real cars on grandpa’s Zaporozhets. In the list called “main errors of online stores”, the error in choosing the type of product is in the first place.

Conclusion: you need to soberly assess your strength and very carefully study the competition in the area in which you want to trade.

some mistakes of online stores lead to their bankruptcy
Suspicious price | online store errors

Popular mistakes of online stores look banal, but they are allowed to happen. The low price method will work well in the market, especially if you sell at the lowest price tangerines before the New Year. However, for such dumping of prices, colleagues in the shop can push sticks in the wheels. And on the Internet, it’s generally another matter: a low price, like a curse, when people see it, they run faster to another site. Why is that? Everything is very simple, it should cost the same + — on all online stores, otherwise it is a “divorce” and “Scam” for 99% (if it is not an auction like EBay and so on.).
In the list called ” typical errors of online stores “, the error of too low “suspicious” prices is in second place.

Conclusion: in order not to enter the ankle-deep puddle called ” errors of online stores “, weigh the prices well and, even if it is possible to make them significantly lower than the competitors, do not do it! Save this opportunity for promotions and special offers. The price is too low, automatically becomes suspicious in the eyes of people, there are doubts about the origin of the product, whether it is a fake, not a marriage, and so on.

Meet on clothes | errors of online stores

Owners of online stores often spend a lot of money on their advertising and promotion, but they make common mistakes in online stores. Often, the product type is selected well and the prices are OK, average, but the business is not going. And how can he go when the error of online stores, hold his hands and feet. Namely: the unattractive design of the online store, ugly photos of products taken by the phone, on the office Desk or at home on the sofa, against the background of the “carpet”. So try to order a photographer and make a photo session of the product, then you need to make photos of the same size, on the same background, better on white. Do not repeat already known, other people’s mistakes of online stores, you will have enough of Your own. Further, the errors of online stores are supplemented by unsuccessful product descriptions and grammatical errors in them. In the rating called ” common mistakes of online stores “, errors related to the design and convenience of an online store, along with the quality of photos and clarity of product descriptions, are in third place.

Conclusion: if you Want to go well, don’t fill it with gasoline. You should pay special attention to such things as: design, high-quality product photos, full description, absence of grammatical errors, availability of photo certificates and licenses on the site, etc.Do not ignore any details, errors of online stores can play a cruel joke on You and you will earn less than you could. From this, the result will be disappointing.

No answer | error is the Internet.

Popular errors in online stores are so predictable, such as poor communication with store representatives. Bad communication is a big problem, and if a bad design, which is also in the list of errors of online stores, is controversial and not critical, then bad communication is unacceptable ! In Ukraine, online trading is not carried out in the same way as abroad: click the mouse, go through the credit card and the product is brought. No! We have an order, then a call from the Manager, who clarifies, advises and sells.

In order not to repeat the common mistakes of online stores, think in advance about who will answer customer calls and who will call customers on requests. To do this, you need to attract additional people: people call them operators, they proudly call themselves sales managers. These people should be well versed in products, be polite, and always, and not only when the owner is behind! Nothing so quickly discourages the desire to make a purchase as an impolite and incompetent Manager, or lack of response. In the cohort called ” common errors of online stores “, the error of poor service, or even just communication with representatives of the online store, in fourth place.

Conclusion: do not make mistakes online stores, those who do not have online stores. At first, the role of the Manager may well be performed by Your wife, with a Bluetooth headset that will answer calls and simultaneously cook borsch in the kitchen, while the husband will send the goods by mail or carrier. But this is a temporary option-then you need to hire people, teach them.

almost all online store errors are fixable
Those errors of online stores that are described in this article are often found and allowed. But almost all errors of online stores can be corrected. However, there are also fatal errors of online stores, one of them I think is not the right type of product, with insurmountable competition from serious players. Running an online business is not easy, no one is immune from mistakes, but I hope this article will help-to prevent common mistakes of online stores.Read also other articles on our site.

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