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Commercial Ice Machine Repair
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About store design and how to increase traffic and profit

What should be the design of the store, online store? This article will focus on the basic principles of store design. These store design principles are not new and have long been known, but sometimes web designers forget about some of them, and the owners or customers simply do not know. But you should not forget or ignore them, because loyalty to these simple principles will significantly increase sales, and therefore the owner’s profit.

What grade will you get the design of the store?
Let’s imagine ourselves in the place of a visitor to an online store, the first thing we will see will be the design of the store.Every visitor consciously or not, making the design of the store has its own scale of beauty, and if the store design, for example the classic gets a five out of five, this is the first step bonus, plus on your way to making a purchase in this online store.

first impression
The first impression of the store’s design in the male part of visitors will be positive:)

Why do I focus so much on the first seconds and the first evaluation, it’s very simple, if the store design is not liked, if the first impression is bad, then most likely the customer will not make a purchase. This has long been proven by marketing research conducted in regular stores. For an online store, this is even more important, because the design of the store , or rather its contemplation, becomes possible only after a potential customer makes a search for the product they are interested in through a search engine and finds an online store. An unsuccessful store design can negate the efforts to promote it in search engines, which is very bad.

Eye-catching store design
In addition to the fact that the design of the store should be beautiful, pleasant to the eye, created with the principles of usability, so the design of the store should also be memorable. It is very important that the design of the store remains in the memory of the visitor, caused warm feelings and a desire to return. After all, just a visitor returning to the online store tomorrow, after a payday, for example, may well become a customer, but for this he must come again..

Eye-catching store design
the store’s design will be remembered, won’t it

Promo page and store design
Sometimes web designers do not know how to cram convenience and bright design ideas together with design delights into one store design. I agree to combine this is not easy, but you can solve this problem, for example, create a promo page at the entrance, where the designer can be “let off the leash” and give full freedom of imagination. You can place a large photo, flash elements and other things on it, all that should impress, surprise and be remembered by the visitor.

The principle is this: the promo page is bright and catchy, and the design of the store is convenient and pleasant.
the promo page is bright and catchy
The promo page should be bright

A promo page can be created as a completely separate page with its own design, or with elements of the main page, for example, with the same header and footer. The promo page must contain a welcome or promotional offer and a convenient large button to enter/go to the main page of the online store.
[nggallery id=3] Don’t forget about the design of the photo store
So, the client found our store in the search engine, followed the link, was impressed by the promo page, he will remember it, liked the design of the store, which the client put a solid five. What else is needed? Yes, a lot of things ranging from attractive prices to a rich assortment. And what if this is all right, unless you need something else, you ask? You need, or rather need, high-quality photos of the product taken by a professional photographer, with all the consequences, namely photos taken with a high-quality camera, under the right lighting and from different angles.

Examples of store design
[nggallery id=2] Nothing will spoil the design of the store and the desire to buy something there, as low-quality photos of products. Many will be surprised to learn that in many online stores, photos are made with ordinary soap dishes on office tables and chairs, laid with sheets of paper for the A4 printer. It is absolutely impossible to do this! A beautiful photo of the product should beckon, arouse the desire to take possession of it, buy, dress, sit down, turn it on as soon as possible. Like a perfectly clean, sparkling display case, behind which the product illuminated from all sides attracts the eyes, hypnotizes, inspires an irresistible desire to take possession of it. Passers-by stop at such a window over and over again to dreamily take a look at the presented product, mentally decide to buy this charm right now or at exactly the next salary.

High-quality photos hypnotize, inspire an irresistible desire to take possession of the product
[nggallery id=4] high-Quality photos and correct store design are inseparable parts of a successful and profitable online store. Adhere to these principles when creating or developing your online store, and it will become successful and profitable

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