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When do I redesign my site?

What is a website redesign?

Site redesign, a kind of plastic surgery of an existing site: the design of the site is updated, but the content of the site is mostly unchanged; however, the redesign of the site is not only about the appearance. This is a much deeper intervention that includes search engine optimization of the site, improving usability, updating the management system, etc..

Why do I need to redesign my site?

Website redesign is necessary because the design of any site “becomes outdated”, becomes irrelevant, because what is fashionable today, after a certain time may seem completely outdated and this is not the fault of the web designer. Remember the maroon jackets of the 90’s … When it was very solid and fashionable, and in our time, wearing this is nonsense. It’s the same with website design. Time does not stand still and new fashion trends and modern technologies come to replace all the old ones.

Remember, site redesign is not just a valuable fur design change…

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, site redesign also includes recoding (for example, if the entire site is tabulated) and optimization. This year, a very significant event took place in the field of web design, the introduction of a new standard for web developers — HTML 5. Although, until browsers pidrimuyut not all” features ” and bells and whistles HTML 5, this is already standard! And the number of sites made in the HTML 5 standard increases like an avalanche. HTML 5 opens up new horizons. For example, it allows you to create special effects and animations without flash technology, which makes websites even faster and easier.

When to order a website redesign?
When exactly is it relevant to redesign the site? Each case is different. The main sign that it’s time to do a site redesign is that You don’t remember when you created Your site, just kidding. Although, first of all, site redesign is required for “old sites” that have been existing for many years, less often for new ones, but with an unsuccessful design. To find out whether you need to redesign your site, you should look at the sites of competitors, or just sites of the same direction as Yours, and compare your design with theirs. If other sites look attractive, then the site redesign should have been done “yesterday”.

The timely redesign of the website = a lot of benefit
New, modern, beautiful website design
Internal search engine optimization
New modern code in the HTML 5 and CSS 3 standard
Updating the CMS (administration system)
Introduce new technologies
Improving the loading speed of the website
Improving usability
Proof of the company’s dynamic development
Raising the prestige

It is important to know: site redesign is a necessary step in the development of successful sites
A complete redesign of the site will lead to better site traffic, better indexing in search engines. As a result, the increase in the flow of customers through the site, the growth was nailed!

Your site was created a few years ago? Do you want to be one step ahead of the competition and have a more beautiful and modern website? Do you want your online representation to always meet the requirements of the time? Time to think about redesigning your site and get all the benefits from it!

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