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Advantages and disadvantages of the online store

This article is for those who want to open their own online store. In it, I will tell you about the main pros and cons of this type of business. What is an online store? How do they make purchases and pay for goods through it? To whom will the online store bring additional profit, and who better to give up this idea?

online store — buying products via the Internet
In short, an online store is a site with special functionality. The two main differences that distinguish an online store from a regular site are the catalog with product categories and the ability to order them.Ordering a product, or the first advantage of an online store

The first very significant advantage that the online store has: you do not need to go anywhere, stand in traffic, spend time on the road and money for fuel, wind up kilometers in hypermarkets in search of the right product, stand in queues. A person sits in his comfortable chair-at home or in the office-with a Cup of tea, opens an online store and orders a product.

In the online store, the customer has a virtual shopping cart in which they add products and, as a result, order them. The customer selects the product and simply presses the magic button “buy” – all-the product is ordered! Simple and convenient — isn’t it? After the customer has made an order, it is sent to the administrator of the online store, after which he processes it. Depending on the scale of the online store, the administrator can be either a product sales Manager or the owner himself, directly. Then you need to contact the customer: call and clarify every detail of the order, provide detailed information about the product, offer analogues, explain where and how to get the product, offer payment methods, etc.

Product delivery — as the second advantage of the online store
Another advantage that an online store has is the delivery of goods to your home or office. When the order is accepted by the store, the product is sent in the way that the customer chose. The most convenient option is to deliver the goods home or to the office, but this is more often the case in the capital and large regional centers. More often, the product is picked up from the carrier’s warehouse, at the post office or at the local representative office that should buy it.

Payment — as the third advantage of the online store

Most often, the goods are paid for when received at the carrier’s warehouse or at the post office in cash. Non-cash payment involves prepayment and confirmation of payment by sending a scanned receipt by e-mail. Also, online stores practice paying with electronic money Web Money, etc. and, of course, credit cards, Internet cards, but such methods are not used so often.

Who should open an online store, to whom it will bring profit?
Below I have given some conditions and factors necessary for creating a successful and profitable online store:

Experience in trading will be a significant plus in working with an online store
Register an entrepreneur — this will be required for registration of contracts with carriers, mail and various banking operations.
Previous experience with product groups that you will sell will allow you to run your business more efficiently, especially if you already have established product delivery channels.
Having a car will allow You to be more mobile and solve delivery issues faster.
Collect start-up capital to create an online store and promote it
It is better if you start with a different main source of income (business or work)
If you do not have these factors, it may be better to postpone the idea of your online store until better times.

Remember: an online store is a full-fledged business!
An online store, with the right approach, can eventually become Your main business and make a profit, but you need to understand that the online store will not start making money immediately. This is a full-fledged work, business and consists of the following components:

Filling in the product, namely: writing product descriptions, searching and publishing photos of the product, and so on.
Processing orders and working with clients
Delivery of orders to customers: to do this, you need to take the goods to carriers, to the post office, to courier services, etc.
Advertising, promotion of the site on the Internet, because potential customers just do not go to it.
So, if you want to open your online store, weigh all the “pros” and “cons” and go ahead to success!

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