Rules for creating typography for interfaces
"Web design consists of 95% typography” - Oliver Reichenstein Typography is one of the most important assets we use when creating an interface. It helps us deliver clear and effective…

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52 web design tools that will improve your performance in 2020 (p2)
23. Canva Canva is a popular tool for quickly creating images and infographics for social networks Do you want to quickly and easily create infographics for social networks? Then Lawrence…

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52 web design tools that will improve your performance in 2020 (p1)
Now there are a lot of great tools for web design. Regardless of what task you are trying to solve, most likely, a certain tool has already been developed for…

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9 main trends in email design 2020

Designers are constantly striving to diversify and improve the experience of email users. Emails are becoming more technologically advanced and engagingly interactive. The perfect email design in 2020 is a combination of a flawless visual image and an impressive use of technology. We have collected techniques that will be in trend this year.

1. “Dark mode»
Dark mode changes the color scheme of the email interface. Thus, the content is clearly highlighted on a dark background due to high contrast. This helps to eliminate the blue glow and make the text more readable. Dark mode is great for people with light-sensitive eyes or working at night. Thanks to it, reading becomes easier. Here is an example of how Acid does This.

Most email clients will soon start using dark mode, as happened with Apple Mail and Outlook.

2. 3D elements
In the near future, 3D elements will become an indispensable tool for email marketing. Using 3D images will help you create better emails that will lead to better interaction with subscribers. This will not only make the message more effective, but also make it easier for subscribers to make decisions.

Lyft has taken a step forward and created a 3D GIF that is sure to attract attention and increase the number of clicks on the link.

3. APNG and seamless design
GIF files will still be used, but this year the animation will go even further with high-resolution APNG images. This format will become more popular due to the unprecedented image clarity and support from the main email clients.

Below you can see an email with an animation of a graceful black bird in APNG format. Agree, it looks more impressive than the usual animation in GIF format.

This is a seamless email. It occupies the entire screen and thus completely absorbs the user’s attention. Breaking down visual boundaries will be a trend in the coming years.

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4. AMP technology
Imagine that you can respond to a survey or complete the checkout process in an email. You no longer need to go to the landing page. Sounds like a dream, right? The good news is that this was done using AMP technology. Brands such as, Doodle, Pinterest, and Aweber have already started sending emails that support this feature. This technology will soon be used by many other companies.

EmailMonks has developed a unique AMP email to showcase all the interactive elements. It also allows the user to sign up and fill out a form without going to a web page. All these features were added using AMP. Of course, subscribers appreciated this approach and expressed great gratitude for the efforts made.

5. The use of interactivity and gamification
Interactive elements can be used so that there is no need for actions on the part of the subscriber. This will not only make the email more charming, but also reduce the frequency of unsubscribing. Take a look at the interactive email from EmailMonks.

Gamification is another form of interactivity that also conquers the world of emails. The main idea is that the user can play the game in the Inbox and get discounts or coupons for it. So, EmailMonks developed a game for Halloween 2019. The subscriber had to find five items to escape the Ghost. The letter perfectly conveyed the mood of Halloween and gave the recipient a pleasant experience.

6. Non-standard structure
Email header, sender image, product image, product description, offer details, and footer. You often encounter similar emails, don’t you? In the coming years, marketers will not only use the traditional column structure, but also upgrade the design of the familiar grid.

Read also: 25 effective Photoshop tools for web designers developed a unique email that violates the rules of the column structure and does an excellent job with its main task.

7. Experiments with typography
Some users may have difficulty displaying a particular font. But, according to a recent study, more than 80% of recipients can view web fonts in their email clients. Marketers use a variety of fonts to make emails more visually appealing. In addition, many of them prefer to send emails with bold text without images.

8. Minimalistic design
The trend of minimalistic design with illustrations will be popular in 2020. It will not only make it easier to read emails, but also emphasize the purpose of the email without overloading the reader with unnecessary elements. Harry’s sends minimalistic emails with lots of empty space and a cute illustration.

9. Personalization and dynamic content
Personalizing emails using a name is still one of the best practices. But such an email will be even more effective with dynamic content that changes in real time. Whether it’s a live stream on Instagram, Twitter, or a countdown timer, this will help the subscriber stay up to date, regardless of when the email is opened. In 2015, Linus tried to broadcast Twitter in their emails, and this trend will gain momentum in the near future.

Aren’t these various design solutions impressive? We still have so much to see this year and put into practice. Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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