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52 web design tools that will improve your performance in 2020 (p1)

Now there are a lot of great tools for web design. Regardless of what task you are trying to solve, most likely, a certain tool has already been developed for this purpose, whether it is a separate application or a function in the program.

In this article, we have collected the best tools at the moment. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but we hope that by highlighting only the best tools, we have made it easier for you to choose.

Since this is a fairly long list, we have divided the tools into sections to make it easier to navigate through the article.

Full-fledged web design tools
1. InVision Studio

(Image courtesy: InVision)
InVision claims to be an indispensable tool for UI designers, which combines all the necessary functions. You can use it to create beautiful interactive interfaces. It also includes tools for rapid prototyping and the ability to collaborate on projects.

If you have already worked with InVision products, such as a tool like Sketch, it will be easier to understand the platform, since they have a lot in common. The strength of Studio is creating prototypes, especially if your design includes animation. With this program, you will be able to do complex and creative transitions and create animations of high level.

In addition, you can stop thinking about creating multiple artboards for different devices. The InVision Studio layout engine automatically adapts the design to any screen. This helps to save time and allows you to focus on the design.

2. Sketch

Sketch pushed Photoshop into the background and became the number one choice among many web designers (Image courtesy: Bohemian Coding)
Bohemian Coding Sketch is one of the most widely used web design platforms. This is a very powerful tool for creating interfaces, prototypes, and collaboration. Sketch was created specifically for the design of websites and applications, so it does not have unnecessary features that clutter the interface. It is faster, more efficient, and easier to use than Photoshop.

The drawback of Sketch is that it is only available on Mac. This was a problem because designers often want to share files .sketch with developers using Windows. But fortunately, there is now a “Sketch for Windows” app called Lunacy, with which you can open and edit files .sketch.

3. Adobe XD

Adobe XD has a simple interface that makes it easy to create prototypes (Image provided by Adobe)
This tool is designed for vector design and wireframe modeling. It is constantly being improved and pleases its users with new features. XD has drawing tools, the ability to preview on mobile devices and the desktop, and sharing. Support for voice prototyping has recently been added.

It’s important to note that Adobe XD integrates with the rest of the Creative Cloud. This means that you can easily import and work with files from Photoshop or Illustrator.

4. Marvel

Marvel allows for usability testing (Image provided by Marvel)
Marvel is another web design tool that is great for quickly implementing ideas, improving the interface, and creating prototypes. Marvel offers a really effective way to create pages that allows you to simulate your design using a prototype. A feature of the tool is the ability to perform usability testing. This is an online service, so you don’t need to download anything.

5. Figma

Figma allows you to design, create prototypes, and get feedback from other designers in real time [Image: Figma]
Figma is an interface design tool that allows multiple designers to collaborate in real time. It is available both in the browser and on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
The tool has an easy-to-use interface that you won’t need much time to learn. With it, you can quickly create designs for desktop computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

6. Affinity Designer

All the features of Affinity Designer are also available on iPad (Image courtesy: Serif)
This tool provides several special features that are really useful. For example, custom nondestructive layers. This allows you to correct images or vectors without damaging them.

Smooth and fast scaling of 1,000,000% is a godsend. Especially if you work with vector images. The undo and history functions are also very useful. Affinity allows you to go back more than 8,000 steps!

Affinity Designer is also available for the iPad. And please note that this is not a simplified version of the mobile app, it is the same full version that you used on your computer.

Mockups and prototypes
7. UXPin

UXPin allows you to create interactive prototypes using the capabilities of logic components, States, and design systems (Image provided by: UXPin)
The next web design tool on our list is UXPin. This specialized prototyping app is available for Mac, Windows, or in the browser. UXPin allows you to create interactive prototypes using the capabilities of code components, logic, States, and design systems.

There are integrated libraries of elements for iOS, Material Design, and Bootstrap, as well as hundreds of free icon sets.

Requesting data from the API is one of the latest additions to UXPin. This feature allows you to create prototypes of applications that “communicate” with your tool’s products-without having to write code.


This tool helps you create realistic prototypes (Image provided: it is one of the best applications for creating realistic prototypes. This tool provides a number of basic functions, including creating detailed and custom vector animations.

You can start by designing your initial idea as sketches, turn them into wireframe models, and finish with a high-quality prototype. Other features, such as usability testing, will help you test your projects.

There are many great demos to start with. You will immediately see how easily this comprehensive solution can replace a number of design tools. With regard to recent additions, the many new features have been added – including object managers, developer guides, and the ability to record your prototype.

9. Balsamiq

Balsamiq is great for fast wireframe modeling (Photo provided by Balsamiq)
If you are looking for a quick and effective framework modeling tool, Balsamiq is exactly what you need. You can easily and quickly create a structure and layouts for your projects. Drag and drop elements will make your life much easier. You can also link buttons to other pages. Using wireframe modeling, you can quickly develop interfaces and share them with your team or clients. Since 2008, Balsamiq has been famous for its rapid prototyping, quality, and user-friendly interface.

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10. ProtoPie

Controlling the sensors of modern devices and performing animation (Image provided by: ProtoPie)
The ProtoPie web design tool allows you to create complex interactions and incredible interactive prototypes. A distinctive feature of ProtoPie is the ability to control the sensors of modern devices and perform animation using tilt, sound, compass or 3D touch. This works as easy as possible, and no code is required.

The recently released version 4.2 contains new useful features. Now you can add editable SVG files, convert them to shape layers, and instantly see the distances between layers.

11. MockFlow

This tool is great for layout of raw ideas (Image provided by: MockFlow)
MockFlow is a set of applications for developing and wireframing websites. WireframePro will help you outline a raw idea and Refine it until you get the desired result. MockFlow provides thousands of ready-made components and layouts that you can customize and modify. The app also has a preview mode for showing your work to colleagues or clients.

12. Adobe Comp
Adobe Comp is a fantastic web design tool for iPad. You can use it to create wireframes, prototypes, and layout concepts for web pages. It has basic templates for mobile devices, websites, and even for printing. You can create quick sketches by drawing intuitive shapes to represent images, text, and more. Comp converts rough contours to straight lines, circles, and rectangles.

13. Flinto

Create States before and after, and Flinto will detect the difference and animate the image (Image provided by: Flinto)
Flinto is a design tool that allows you to create unique interactions. You can use different transitions and create States before and after. Flinto simply takes into account the differences, and animates the image.

Keep in mind that this app is only available on iOS. You can also import files from Sketch and Figma.

14. Axure

Complex wireframe interfaces with dynamic data (Image provided by: Axure)

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