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20 web design examples that set the tone for 2020

It seems that the year 2020 has just arrived – and a whole month has already passed, which for many has become very productive. January is always the most interesting month in terms of implementing trends and trends that were predicted in December.

So far, the year 2020 in web design continues the tradition of 2019: sites with a large number of animations and bold colors. We have collected 20 fresh examples of excellent web design. All images are clickable and lead to websites.

Get inspired!

To compete with giants like PayPal, you need a compelling brand and a simple message. And you can also surprise with your first impression — as Plink did with its #D animation.

Madame Turfu
I wonder what the coming year will bring you? Then jump to the Madame Turfu website – here you will be told the future with the help of cool digital Tarot cards.

Nathan Taylor
How can I not like this site? You will definitely find something for yourself here; our favorite part is the different lighting modes.

Meatable is a complex franchise: it’s real meat, but you don’t kill animals to get it – the meat is grown in a laboratory. A simple website perfectly explains the process in stages.

Sussex Royal
Harry and Meghan were even included in a selection of cool sites. The personal website of the Prince and his wife is simply full of Royal class. For a promo site that doesn’t sell anything, this is a great job.

Emotional Feels
This fantastic Manifesto from the design Agency Emotional Brand illustrates all potential emotions with simple animations. “Please scroll” – you have not fulfilled this request with such pleasure for a long time.

The website of the Swiss design Agency UN\REAL is a story of chaotic love for web animation. And there you can create your own logo in the crazy style of the Agency, which makes your eyes glow.

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Kate Jackling
Sometimes a good design just steps back and lets you enjoy the essence. The website of photographer Kate Jackling does just that: it allows you to enjoy beautiful works.

Helias did a great job with the trend of repeating product colors. The site’s color scheme supports the product, creating a sense of unity. This is appropriate, attractive, and removes the primitiveness of a strict grid.

Very often, the most difficult sites to develop are product pages that don’t have much to say about them. Klokki is one such example, but its website is bold, confident, and compelling.

Jonnie Hallman
Johnny Hallman’s simple resume site benefits from the names he worked with. But the main charm that anyone can adopt is the transition of details when scrolling.

eaast is a Parisian Duo of designer and developer. Their simple website proves that you don’t need many years of work to sell yourself.

Pantheon Audio
Pantheon Audio proves that elegant scrolling is still very important in 2020, and uses it to smoothly navigate a site with a complex grid.

In recent years, manufacturers have been trying to rethink the process of shaving. Leaf uses a simple marketing approach, but it’s a great design.

Most sites that sell jewelry, score on the emotional component and display only the status. Mocuin returns the right approach using a modern color palette and stunning product photos.

Jon Way
The portfolio shows works from more than 10 years of creativity. To prevent users from getting bored when scrolling, the authors added animations and a cool “static” effect-it is maintained throughout the site.

Kota Yamaji
Another portfolio – but it is radically different from the previous one. Everything here is just full of colors. Wow!

Robb Owen
Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of animated vector avatars, but we rarely see such elaborate ones. Robb Owen did his best: moving the cursor makes his avatar real.

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