Why cancel buttons should be colorless
What exactly does the Cancel button do? It returns the user to the previous screen. For users, Cancel is a means of protection against unwanted changes in the system. To…

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Commercial Kitchen Repair Atlanta
7 useful Chrome extensions for designers
If you are looking for convenient tools for your workflow, congratulations: you have come to the right place. The Dribbble team offers you seven extensions for Chrome. They will help…

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” There is a little rotten finger everywhere": Yevgeny Kudryavchenko on what the selling site should be like
As soon as marketers began to directly influence what happens to the brand's website that they promote, the real chaos began. In their attempts to attract more users, increase conversion,…

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A selection of the best 404 page designs: from cool animations to 8-bit games

Although we constantly write about trends and trends in web design, this does not mean that sites should be created under a carbon copy. On the contrary, the Internet is a place for creativity. Even the 404 error page can be original and cool.

So the next time you develop a site, why not diversify the user experience and offer a “Page not found” with animations and games? Below are examples of the best 404 error pages on the web. Get inspired!

Netflix Jobs
Sometimes it’s easier to get on the Wrong side of the world than to find a normal job. Netflix knows its #1 hit, so it’s not shy about using it anyway. Even on the 404 page for the job site.

BuzzFeed’s page 404 is simple, cute, and engaging. It is guarded by a small cat. In addition, it is also animated, which adds +100 to the Milota. It’s not for nothing that we put it on top.

The Corsair manufacturing company decided to play on its name. If you are in the wrong place, you will be offered to play a fun pirate game. This 8-bit scroller is definitely our favorite game on the Internet.

Hakim El Hattab
Swedish designer Hakim created a really creepy 404 page. Not only does it look creepy, but these eyes follow the mouse cursor when moving. But the main thing here is this: page 404 is made in the style of the designer’s works and emphasizes his creativity.

Fox Movies
Fox Movies decided to make good use of the 404 page and placed a catalog of movies there. But not the usual catalog: here are mostly movies that you would hardly have thought to look for yourself. For Example, “Young Frankenstein”.

By the way, you will almost certainly be offered a different movie-the page changes every time.

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Left Logic
You’re on the wrong page, so why not use this as a good chance to get some rest and do some drawing? That’s what the guys at Left Logic, a web development company, thought. Here’s a dinosaur, for example.

Time to move on to heavy artillery. Goooders was nominated for Awwwards as the best 404 page in 2019. Following the link, you will find yourself in a real circle of psychedelic music that you can create yourself.

Although I would write some kind of warning for epileptics.

And a bonus, of course – Amazon. Our editor-in-chief said that dogs are cooler than cats. So I had to put this page 404.

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