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Creating websites for the masses

Let’s talk about creating websites as a service that is becoming more accessible to the General population every day. So, creating websites is a process that may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s not. At least for site customers. In fact, creating websites is a very broad concept. Facebook is a website and the site of, for example, a travel company, too. Formally, both are sites, but in practice they are radically different, like a Boeing and a hang glider. However, this is not a reproach, but a difference in the level and purpose of sites. Therefore, the creation of sites for travel agencies and social networks is completely different.

In this article, we are talking about the usual, everyday creation of sites for the General population. I mean creating sites that are accessible, necessary, and most importantly useful in everyday life. This is a website:

the wizard who installs Autonomous heating
the website of travel company
private hairdresser’s website
site of the auto shop
website of the owner of the apartment to be rented
I think you understand the course of my thoughts about creating sites for the General population.

creating websites as a service is becoming more accessible
Every day, the creation of sites as a service is becoming more and more widespread. Every entrepreneur, community, or firm will have its own website, since most PC users now have their own social media page. One of the factors of this development is the availability of creating sites. In other words: creating websites is simple: ordered-paid — received.

Then what is holding you back from ordering the creation of sites? Apparently, you made up difficulties in this process, which in fact do not exist. We are engaged in creating sites and now I will tell you how it happens from the moment “you wanted a site” to the moment “you got a site”. You will be surprised how affordable, convenient and high-quality website creation is.

we offer site creation in a week *
* It usually takes us no more than 1 week to create a website from the moment the layout is approved!

Five steps in the site creation process

1) you contact us and inform us which site you are interested in
2) We send you a free layout
3) You pay 50% of the site cost after the layout is approved
4) you register the domain and site hosting (site name) Or entrust it to us
4) Wait a week * and get a website
5) Pay 50% of the site cost
stvorennya saitu
* It usually takes us no more than 1 week to create a website from the moment the layout is approved!

As you can see, creating websites with us is not difficult, accessible and convenient. I will note a few points that you should pay attention to when creating sites on the part of the customer:

In fact, you need very little from the customer: a little money and the structure of the site.
Explain what you like: what colors, style, or existing sites
Remember that with a large amount of information, for example, when creating an online store, the online store is passed with “empty shelves”. And filling it with goods, this is another paid service, especially if the number of products is somewhere a couple of thousand . to be more precise, filling the site with information is a separate service. Except if this information is not much — 5-10 pages.
When creating sites, you should prepare information, prices, price lists, and photos in advance so that you can fill it yourself or order content immediately after creating the site.
You will not notice how the week will pass, the creation of sites will remain behind, and you will have your own website that will open up new opportunities for you!

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