When do I redesign my site?
What is a website redesign? Site redesign, a kind of plastic surgery of an existing site: the design of the site is updated, but the content of the site is…

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4 examples of bad onboarding that will destroy UX
The most effective tool for improving the user interface is onboarding. Start introducing the user to the site or app incorrectly and they will regret that they registered at all.…

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Customer and web designer: how to reach a common denominator?
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5 useful Chrome extensions that every web designer should try

If you use Google Chrome, you probably have encountered extensions for this browser. More precisely, with a huge number of extensions. Choosing something cool in this endless list is very difficult. Of course, if you are not advised something really cool.

That’s why we’re here. In our collection, you will find tools that will help you change your approach to work! Checking your site for usability, defining fonts, and more – be ready to take your performance to the next level.

1. UX Check
UX Check works as a usability test, only without attracting users. The extension compares any section of the site based on the ten Nielsen usability heuristics-a list of General principles for creating user-friendly interfaces.

This tool is an ideal solution for teams that don’t have the time or money to test with users. What’s more, you can export the results to a document to share with other team members!

2. Fontface Ninja
Do you like to search the Internet, find new fonts and details, and then use them in your design? Well, then Fontface Ninja is the perfect choice. Just hover over the text and the Chrome extension will show you the font, its size, line spacing, letter spacing, and even the color code.

In addition, in the extension window that opens, you can test the font on your text. If you like the font, you can easily download or buy it.

3. Page Ruler Redux
Page Ruler Redux is a digital ruler for web designers and developers. Use the extension to get an accurate, up-to-pixel measurement of any element of a web page on the screen.

Just drag the ruler through the desired section and get the height and width of the selected element. In addition, you can adjust the color of the ruler to provide sufficient contrast depending on the background of the website!

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4. Color by Fardos
It’s not just a color picker or pipette. In addition to defining the color code, Color by Fardos has other useful features: determining color shades, getting recommendations for color matching based on color theory, and capturing CSS for any gradient directly from the browser.

5. Window Resizer
This great Chrome extension lets you change the size of your browser window. It would seem, why is this necessary? But this is the perfect solution to quickly test the adaptability of web design.

Thanks to Window Resizer, you can view layouts in different browser resolutions – and make sure that your design looks first-class on all devices. As you can see in the image above, there are several resolution options in the tools. But there is also a field for free input, which allows you to experiment with options for unpopular devices.

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