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18 YouTube channels for web design that will be useful to everyone

Web designers and developers are constantly searching for discoveries. Any app is backed by updates and new versions. The market offers alternative versions that will appeal to the public more.

Want to learn React, JavaScript, Illustrator, UX, and more? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to improve your illustration skills to finally complete a personal project? Whatever the reason, it is best to learn from the knowledgeable. YouTube is the perfect platform for instant access to high-quality training.

Why YouTube? First, it’s free (in most cases). Secondly, there are a lot of channels and teachers who can teach something in the vastness of this hosting.

On this page you will find channels about design, on the next-about development.

01. DesignCourse
The author of this channel is a guy named Gary, who has a job at Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, and He teaches full-century development: UI/UX, interface development, and graphic design. Videos are released every week, so there will definitely be no shortage of materials.

02. Gigantic
If you have a 2D animation on your training radar, check out this channel. Here you will find many tutorials on creating cartoon characters, as well as working with After Effects, and just useful tips-watch the video “Overcoming creative blocks” (above).

03. DevTips
You might be wondering what the development channel does in the design section. Well, the reason is that this channel offers design tips to designers. Everyone will find something new: how to get started with Adobe CC, try prototyping on React, and discover animation using CSS.

04. Layout Land
This channel is managed by Mozilla designer and employee Jen Simmons. If you know who it is, you know how good it is. If not, now is the time to find out who she is. There is a lot to offer for those who want to master layouts and CSS Grid.

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05. Mike Locke
Mike Locke is a passionate and enthusiastic presenter, a senior UI/UX designer with a wide range of skills. He knows everything about UI design, UX, usability, interaction design, etc. WELL, his channel is a reflection of what he knows. Locke focuses on UI/UX design and gives a lot of sensible and reasoned thoughts and advice.

06. Mozilla Hacks
Another channel from Mozilla employees. Here you will learn everything about what the company does: from its own conferences to working with VR/AR.

07. InVision
You are probably familiar with InVision, so you will probably be interested in The company’s official channel. So what does he have to offer? Expected, InVision Studio tips, InVision tutorials, and Sketch tips and tutorials.

08. Sketch Together
Sketch Together is a channel that talks about UI/UX design in General. Need to learn Sketch quickly? View the Sketch App Crash Course. Have you ever heard of the Framer tool? Then you need an accelerated Framer course.

09. Flux
There is nothing better than learning from someone experienced and who has already made all the mistakes. Their experience can help you avoid falling into traps. This is the essence of Flux, the personal blog of designer and entrepreneur Ran Segall. In his videos, the author shares the lessons he learned when building his career as a designer.

10. Zimri Mayfield
This YouTube channel is run by a guy with a very original approach – and that’s great. Here you will find a wide selection of Adobe Illustrator tutorials, inspiration, and a range of creative projects.

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