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How to choose the right web design for a website

Web design — this is how “meet” | web design and website

Each web Studio starts creating a website with the development and selection of web design. For most, web design is both the beginning and the most important part, since most sites, such as business card sites, corporate sites, have an image-informative purpose. That is, for such sites, the main thing is to look beautiful, make a decent impression. When we talk about web design, it is appropriate to recall the saying “meet by clothes, see off by mind”. It is! Meet by design, see off by content.

web design = ” meet by clothes, see off by mind»
Site design is the first thing that users will see after entering your site’s address in the browser and clicking enter. It is based on their subjective “Oh, what a beautiful site” or “foo … what a beautiful site”, judge the design. After evaluating the design, users evaluate the content and functionality of the website.

Web design does not like tight and meaningless frames | web design and website

Not everyone can tell the difference between an elegant design and a tasteless one. Not everyone understands the value of an exclusive website design, from a template to a ready-made layout. Sooner or later, every web Studio faces a dilemma: to lose a client and not earn anything, or to fulfill all his whims, but as a result to get an ugly site that would be a shame to put in a portfolio.

Often, a web designer can’t create a good design because of the customer who wants red on yellow, or to have a photo of his wife on the main page and nothing else. Well, if the wife is beautiful, but with yellow on red, nothing can be done.In this case, the web design is doomed to be terrible in advance. Of course, the last word is for those who pay and you can follow in the footsteps of the “naked king”, but, perhaps, in most cases, it is better not to put too rigid a framework for the web designer, so as not to limit the flight of his imagination. But of course you need to announce your wishes and guiding vectors. For example, on the account of what background the site should be on, in what color scheme, in what style: official, or Vice versa, home, etc.

Often, a website gets a bad web design due to the customer’s fault
Web design is difficult to evaluate and even harder to choose | web design and website

Each web Studio sincerely believes and proves to others that it creates a professional and sooo good web design. But, the truth is one: when it comes to taste, the ball is ruled by such a concept as subjectivity. In many industries, in order to save consumers a lot of time thinking about whether it is beautiful or not, it is done by critics who say: “Oh, this is a new fashion trend!”Or” nah, this is a failure, this is banal.” This is the case in most areas: fashion, art, and so on. To the delight of designers, there is no such dictatorship in Web design. Therefore, the layout of a particular website can not be liked by everyone, there will always be people who do not like it. Sometimes it seems that something is missing, but in fact, this minimalism improves usability: the convenience of reading information and using the site. I don’t know any examples of a particular design that everyone likes, but there are examples of design that millions of people use — these are well-thought-out social networking sites. Such examples of web design are created under the motto: first of all it is convenient, and only then it is beautiful. It is worth noting that this is not the worst motto. So what to choose-beauty or functionality? In this issue, it is best to find a middle ground.

How to choose a website design? | web design and website

You may feel a little disappointed reading the last paragraph, but I’m honest: there is no clear answer to this question! There is only one way out — to trust the talent and ability of a web designer. The site layout is usually developed for free, and if you do not like the layout, you can thank for its development, and contact another web Studio. When the web Studio provides you with a site layout for approval, imagine yourself as a site user and pay attention to the following points:

Does the site ” cut ” your eyes (or are there too bright colors)
Do certain elements (pock-marked background, etc.) irritate you?)
It is convenient to perceive information (text size, font, etc.).)
Pay attention to the size of the site (too big or small site is bad, all monitors are different)
Conclusion : the taste and color of all markers are different. Trust your intuition, show the site layout to your friends and colleagues, listen to their opinions and form your own. From myself, I advise: do not chase supermodel web design.

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